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Crimson Retail can offer you a tailor-made retail consultancy service based on the particular needs of your business. Whether it is finding and establishing the right store location, advising on brand communication, assessing retail performance or simply going through a start-up business checklist, Crimson Retail can give your business the care and attention it deserves, by tailoring our services to suit your individual needs.

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"I have known Emily for many years on both a personal and professional basis. Emily is bright and observant, intuitive and calm. She has a very good understanding of brands and can easily assimilate information, ponder, process and conclude with seemingly little effort. At Brora Emily worked her way up from retail manager to head of retail running a dozen stores whilst opening new ones simultaneously. There is little ground that she would not have covered during this time giving her a wide scope of experience. Emily is trust worthy and reliable, solid and dependable at the same time retaining a good sense of humour so necessary in retail!"

Victoria Stapleton
Founder and Creative Director of Brora
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